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Scratch Ticket Rules

Scratch Ticket is a fun casino game based on familiar lottery tickets. Lottery games have been around for much of human history, dating back to the time of the Caesars in Europe and the Hun Dynasty in China. The term 'lottery' is believed to come from the Italian lotto, meaning destiny or fate.

In 1974, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States developed the first 'scratch' lottery ticket. This enabled pre-printed tickets to be safely distributed to thousands of purchase points around the state, making it easy and convenient for people to play anywhere. Players soon had the thrill of revealing their numbers by scratching off a coating or film with a coin and knowing instantly how much they'd won. Scratch tickets became so popular, they quickly spread to every corner of the world. Now, you can enjoy the same thrill of playing a scratch ticket anytime with our exciting online game.

Game Play:

Itís called Treasure Island Scratch Ticket, and you get to dig for buried treasure!

First, purchase a scratch ticket by placing chips in the golden bowl on the table ('Place Bets'). The value of the ticket is equal to the amount of your bet. You can bet from $2 to $5 on each ticket. The more you bet, the higher your reward when you win.

Your scratch ticket is the map, which contains 16 hidden sections just brimming with buried treasure. Each section contains a piece of one of the fabulous jeweled treasures (artifacts) shown on the left side of the screen. If you uncover enough pieces to complete one of these treasures, you win that artifactís multiplier times the value of your ticket. With a $5 ticket, you can win as much as $5000!

To start the game, press the PLAY button. Your mouse pointer will turn into a shovel. To dig up the buried treasure, scratch off the map sections by moving the shovel back and forth over the map, or bring the shovel to a section and left-click the mouse to clear that section. (Alternatively, you can simply click the SCRATCH OFF button and the map will be cleared for you).

As each section is uncovered, the buried jewel hidden beneath will fly to itís artifact pattern and snap into place. If you find all FOUR unique parts to piece together a complete artifact, you win! Each artifact has a different multiplier (1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x and 1000x), and you will be paid that multiplier times the amount of your bet when you get a complete artifact.

For example, if you purchase a $5 ticket (by putting a $5 bet in the bowl), and you find all four pieces of the Skull artifact (10x), you will be paid 10x $5 = $50. If you find all four pieces of the Anchor artifact (1000x), you win $5000!

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