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Questions Regarding Technical Support

How do I download your games?

It's easy! Our advanced casino software is powered by Grand Virtual, the most trusted name in online gaming. With the Grand Virtual platform, you only download the games you want to play. This saves both your time and your disk space. Once you've downloaded the casino software, just select any game you would like to play by clicking the 'Choose your Game' button on the control panel of the casino floor. Find the button for the game you want to play and click it. This will start the download process for that game. It's all automatic from there, you won't have to make any decisions or reboot your computer, and the game will start automatically when it's finished. The download process is only necessary the first time you play a particular game. The next time you choose that same game, it will open automatically.

How do I remove the Casino software?

At the Start menu of your Windows desktop, select Programs, then look for the casino folder and highlight it with your mouse. A small menu will pop out, and one of the selections will be an Uninstall link. Click on Uninstall and follow any further instructions from your operating system.

Uninstall will remove the casino software from your PC, and you will no longer be able to access the casino or your account from this machine.

I try to login but keep getting an invalid password message.

You may be entering the wrong password, or you may have CAPS LOCK on. Remember that your password is case sensitive. If you continue to have difficulties, please write to our Player Support Service for assistance. Be sure to indicate that you can't access your account. We'll need your casino account username and your email address in order to help you.

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