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Questions regarding Credit Card Verification Code

What is the verification code?

The verification code is an important safety feature designed to protect your credit card account. It is a 3-digit number that provides a cryptographic check of the information embossed on the card that helps us validate that it is you, the legitimate cardholder in possession of the actual card, who is making this online purchase.

Where can I find the verification code?

The verification code is located on the back of your credit card. Look for a series of numbers printed in the signature strip (the box where you signed your card). You may see either your entire credit card number, or just the last four digits of your card number preceded by several dots. To the right of the last four digits of your card number is a group of three digits. These three digits are your verification code. Use this image as a reference to help you find your code.

How does the verification code protect me?

The verification code is not encoded into the magnetic strip on your card, so the it is not picked up by card readers. The verification code is not part of your credit card account number, so it does not show up on any sales receipt or billing statement. Therefore, you must have the card in your possession to see and use the code. Since we validate the code with your bank, only you can use your card at our site

Is it safe for me to provide my verification code on your form?

Absolutely! We treat your verification code with the same stringent security protocols as passwords and other vital account information. It is also encrypted when you enter it and we never actually see it. We securely transmit the encrypted code directly to your bank for validation of your deposit.

What if I can't read part of the verification code?

Some cards may have smudged or illegible verification codes where the printing wears away from heavy use. If you canít read your code, try another card with a legible code or contact your bank and ask them to provide the code to you. If they can't tell you what the code is, they will reissue your card with a new, legible verification code.

What if my card doesn't have a verification code?

That's okay. Some banks don't print a verification code on their cards. If your card doesn't have a code, simply select the checkbox for 'No verification code on my card' and complete the rest of the form.

Will my verification code ever change?

Yes. Each time your bank issues you a new card, they will print a different verification code on your card. For example, when your existing card reaches it's expiration date, or if the magnetic strip stops working so you request a replacement, youíll get a new card with the same account number but a different verification code. When that happens, be sure to click 'Modify Card' on the 'Buy Chips with Credit Card' page to update the verification code.

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